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                      温州南星工业设备有限公司"www.nanxingsb.com"创建于1989年是一家专业生产"涂装设备"、"鞋机设备"、生产全自动烘道流水线、装搭生产线、系列高低温、烘箱、不锈钢烘箱、烘烤线、燃油烘干箱、电热烘干箱、喷台、环保喷台,自动喷漆线 ,无尘车间设备,无尘喷漆室,涂装配件等静止各种设备产品的单位。广泛用于汽配、摩配、鞋业、工艺品、电器、机械等。是电镀、电泳、喷漆、喷塑行业中不可缺少的设备。服务电话:13806556479




                      Wenzhou Nanxing Industry Qquipment CO.,LTD.( Wenzhou Lucheng Nanhua Weld Qequipment Factory), establish one is it is it install equipment to paint to specialize in on 1989, shoes machine equipment, produce full-automatic series bake dishes of assembly line , series is it put up production line , serial high low temperature , fuel , electric heat drier , serial environmental protection gush out platform unit of product to load with. Used in automobile fitting , rubing matching , shoes industry , handicraft , electric apparatus , machinery ,etc. extensively. Electroplate, electrophoresis , spraying paint , gushing out and moulding the indispensable equipment in the trade.


                      With " quality first , reputation first , customer are the highest " for the aim our company, well received by user. Pass ISO9001 national standard quality system authentication . With the development of society , science and technology, we will draw domestic and international advanced technology and office procedure constantly. Developing the advanced products constantly, the loyal city serves the masses of users.




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